The C A Mayer Memorial        

Professor C A Mayer, (1918 -1998), enjoyed a long, very fruitful and at times controversial career. He specialised in the study and analysis of French literature, primarily that of the 16th and 17th Centuries, concentrating on the major Renaissance poet Clément Marot, and also contributing significantly to the study of Rabelais, Ronsard, du Bellay, Montaigne and the Greek writer so influential upon the literature of the 16th Century, Lucian of Samosata.

To preserve and develop his work amongst his many students, colleagues and followers, a group of his former students, now academics of note, set up a Memorial Trust in 1998 to celebrate C A Mayer's life and work with an annual lecture.

The C A Mayer Memorial Trust promoted fourteen such lectures by leading experts in their fields. The commissioning, organisation and promotion of the entire lecture series was undertaken by Professor Pauline Smith of the University of Hull, who was also one of the contributors, and to whom we owe a great debt of thanks.

With the final lecture given in 2011 the series has come to an end. In order that these works may be preserved in their original context, the Lecturers have kindly agreed that their work may be viewed for the foreseeable future through this web site.

We hope that you find their work revealing, rewarding and thought-provoking.

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