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Some images from France of the 16th & 17th Centuries

Robert Knecht
In 2014 Robert published the first English language biography of Henry III for 150 years,
Hero or Tyrant? Henry III, King of France, 1574-89 (Farnham: Ashgate, 2014).

David Walker
In February 2014 the Times Literary Supplement published David's translation of Gide’s Le Grincheux (‘The Curmudgeon’). 

In the same year David published his first novel, Migrating Voids (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, ISBN 9781499609493).

Sydney Anglo
In 2011 the Bibliothèque Nationale de France published Sydney's
L'escrime, la danse et l'art de la guerre. Le livre et la représentation du mouvement.

Margaret McGowan
Margaret has published the following publications since 2008:

"Ménestrier, maître des spectacles au théâtre de forme irregulière", pp. 129-41 in Gérard Sabatier (ed.),
Claude-François Ménestrier. Les Jesuites et le monde des images, Grenoble, Presses Universitaires, 2009.

pour la danse", La Revue de l'art, no. 174, avril 2011, pp. 43-9.

"Ronsard et Primaticcio a Fontainebleau, 1564", p. 181-98, in Carmelo Occhipinti (ed.),
Primatticcio e l'arti alla corte di Francia, Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, 2011.

"A Question of Authenticity. Pierre Matthieu: Creator of Entries and Historiographer Royal", pp. 245-59, in Marie-Claude Canova-Green, Jean Andrews with Anne-Marie Wagner (eds.)
Writing Royal Entries in Early Modern Europe, Brepols, 2013.

"Les triomphes de Jason: a Myth renewed in 1613", pp. 463-78 in Sara Smart and Mara Wade (eds.),
The Palatine Wedding, its celebration and significance, Wolfenbuttel, 2013.

"Lyon: a Centre for Water Celebration", pp. 37-50 in Margaret Shewring (ed.),
Waterborne pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance, Ashgate, 2013.

Margaret M.McGowan (ed.),
Dynastic Marriages. The Celebration of Habsburg and Bourbon Unions, 1612-1615, Ashgate, 2013.

Annette Tomarken
Together with Hugh Roberts, Annette has edited the Oeuvrès complètes de Bruscambille, Paris, Champion, 2012.

She also gave a talk with Hugh Roberts on "L'Animal le plus parfaict de la nature: l'androgynie de Bruscambille dans les prologues de Bruscambille", at a Colloquium in Arras in 2012, forthcoming with the actes of the conference.

Pauline Smith
Pauline has published the following publications since 2000:

2000 "Une édition unique de la Satyre Menippée et sa postface, la Suitte du Catholicon d'Espagne', in Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance, LXII, 2, pp. 363-372.

2002, "Simon Goulart et la Satyre Menippée", in Renaissance Reflections: essays in memory of C.A. Mayer, ed. P.M. Smith and T. Peach (Paris, Champion, 2002), pp. 228-246.

2007, with D. Bentley-Cranch, "A New Iconographical Addition to Francis I's Adoption of the Persona of King David and its Contemporary Literary Context", in Renaissance Studies, 21, no.5 (2007), pp. 608-624.

2008, "A Conflict of Interest?". Calvinism and the Satyre Menippée", in Writers in Conflict in Sixteenth-Centry France. Essays in Honour of Malcolm Quainton, ed. E. Vinestock and D. Foster, Durham University, Modern Language Series, 2008, pp. 193-214.

2010, "Drama, Performance and Spectacle in the Medieval City: some survivals in the Satyre Menippée (1594)", in Performance, Drama and Spectacle in the Medieval City. Essays in Honour of Alan Hindley, ed. C. Emerson, A. Tudor and M. Lontin, Louvain-Paris-Walpole, MA, Peeters, 2010, pp. 473-488.

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Henri III Roy de France et de Pologne
© Trustees of the British Museum

A Valet de Chambre from a series of etchings of trades, Les Metiers 1635
Abraham Bosse

Stage set at the theatre of the Hôtel de Bourgogne. The chair indicates an interior. The characters portrayed show that a comedy is in progress. They are from left to right: "the watching Frenchman"; the celebrated comic actors: "wild-faced" Turlupin, "true" Gaulthier, Gros-Guillaume; a lady; and a Spaniard (identified by his ruff). Turlupin is stealing Gaultier-Garguille's purse. The Frenchman and lady are dressed in fashionable contemporary costume. A 1634 engraving by Abraham Bosse
The Metropolitan Museum of Art; New York

Watercolour of a ball by Abraham Bosse  c. 1602-1604 – 14 February 1676
Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin - The Yorck Project