The Memorial Lectures

Pierre de Ronsard

Cardinal Richelieu

François Rabelais

Niccolò Machiavelli

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Jaques Amyot

artist unknown

by Robert Nanteuil 1657

artist unknown

by Santi di Tito

by Thomas de Leu

by Léonard Gaultier








Francis I: born between two women, Louise de Savoie and Marguerite de Navarre

Robert Knecht 

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Assuming homosexuality: the correspondence between André Gide and Eugène Rouart

David Walker

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'Le plus gentil esprit qui soit apparu au monde depuis les derniers siècles' :
the popularity of Machiavelli in 16th Century

Sydney Anglo

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Lust in action: the faces of Phaedra

George Brandt

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Amyot and Montaigne: for copyright reasons this replaces the original lecture 'Caesar's cloak: diversion as an art of persuasion' accessible via this link.

Margaret McGowan

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Richelieu's exemplary theatre

Philip Tomlinson

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Bruscambille's comic curtain raisers: prologues and paradoxes in the early 17th Century Paris theatre

Annette Tomarken

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Patterns of coherence in Ronsard’s Hynne de Calays et de Zethés: the exploitation of parentheses and lunulae Used by kind permission of the Publishers from 'The exploitation of parentheses and Lunulae in Ronsard's Hynne de Calays et de Zethés', in "Book and Text in France, 1400-1600" eds. Adrian Armstrong and Malcolm Quainton  (Farnham etc.: Ashgate, 2007).  Copyright © 2007. Link to the original publication sales page.

Malcolm Quainton

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Actors, playwrights and lawyers:
the contribution of notarial documents to 17th Century French theatre history

Alan Howe

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Translating the Psalms in 16th Century Europe (Plus downloadable handout)

Catherine Reuben

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Marot, Deschamps and the Five hundred and ninety-two Squirrels

Christine Scollen-Jimack

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Drama and Performance in the 'Satyre Menippée' of 1594

Pauline Smith

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'Fay ce que voudray': the ideal community and the problem of evil from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

Peter Jimack

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Renaissance poetry and polyphonic music ; the examples of Clement Marot

Dick Wursten

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